© J.A. Storey -Taylor 2011

The wings of Gabriel,

Told The Prophet

(Peace Be Upon Him),

Stretch from East to West.

And now…


To those of The Faith and

To those of none,


Is seen and known

The full glory of this Angel

In flight over New Libya.

Love radiates from His face,

To the North and

His feet,

To the South,

To the tips of each wing.

His presence is seen in the support,

So quickly garnered, that



Spoke clearly and loudly

To bring forth

The silver birds of fire

That try their best to protect you.

Perhaps, to some,

Come tardily;

When, perhaps,

This could have been no other than


To arrive –

Justifiably, rightly –

Was to need to first

Work through

That which you seek:


That which is Gabriel

Is there,

In the glow of

A coat of many colours.

It is made of the tones

Of the skins

Of all races.

It is woven on a frame

Of all cultures and walks of life, and

Is sewn with the prayers,

The affirmations and

The goodwill of all faiths and beliefs

Who espouse you.

Gabriel can be felt to exist in

The warmth and affection that

Your cause and your courage

Have touched in a multitude;

In the illumination

Shone upon countless minds

To open them.

The Angel is there,


In the lessons

New Libya is bringing

To the world.

We have been given the chance

To learn through your learning;

To grow alongside you; and

Be reminded of that which

We would forget:

To let go of the past,

Today, and

Work in unity,

Not discord,

For tomorrow.

Yet of all this,

None of this

Does the Angel make.

It is but the wind

On which the Angel flies.

It is you,

New Libya –

Your spirit –

Has made of the Angel manifest,

When you asked only

For the Dove of Peace.

It is you,


Gave life to Gabriel.

In Satan came his own undoing

Through the work of his minion.

Gaddafi pushed your anger,

Took advantage of your fearfulness and

Gave one reason too many

To hate.



That you came,

Almost as one,

To leave these behind and

To step into a

Bravery, dignity and strength

That moved you beyond

The Whispers of Despair.

Though these Whispers have continued,

You have heeded them not.

It is you,

New Libya,

Revealing the clear sight and wisdom

Of Gabriel.

In the creation of your

Transitional Council,

You have looked to prepare for your future


The tears of the women

Of New Libya

Have given to Gabriel a body.

You mourn the loss of

Husband, father and son; and

You grieve for the grandchildren that

Cannot now be born.

Yet, though no comfort,

You accept,

You understand, that

This horror

Is the only way to


It is you,

New Libya,

In your freedom fighters’ weary bones and

Bleary eyes, from

Ajdabiya to Zintan, and

In the blindness of your fallen

Are the feathers to the Angel’s wings.

It is in those,

Your warriors and townsfolk,

New Libya,

Beats the heart of this Angel.

His compassion and mercy flows

Through the acts of those who capture,

Not kill unnecessarily, and

In the neutrality of the care

In your hospitals.

It is in the respect of those

Who have buried,

Not burned,

The bodies of the enemy:

Knowing they have killed or wounded

Your children.

Who else would care to find time,

In so little time,

To bring honour to Tim Hetherington Square?

It is you,


The city that bears the brunt of


Shining the conscience of

This heavenly Being.

Each day,

In your pain and misery,

Do you show that

Suffering and cruelty

Are unacceptable.

The Angel Gabriel

Has long awaited to

Be re-born,

To fly again.

Now He has.

Now He does.

And He is beautiful

In the grace

By which He soars

Above the filth and sorrow.

God bless you,

New Libya; and

May Peace Be Upon You -


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