(A Play on Words)


“Schooldays... schooldays... we remember them always;

Do you remember them fondly? I remember them well

To you, perhaps heaven, for the Fool they were hell.

But I looked to my lessons, as you lessened your looks;

I studied the issues, while you passed the books.

I dreamed as you rote and learned from your rites;

I saw the horizon as you set your cites.

Your days were numbered, while mine were ab-surd;

I listened to heart while you followed the herd.

You studied history, while I studied mine;

You looked for a cosine, I looked for a sign.

You learned to read lines as I read between;

You saw the sets, while I set the seen.

You used a ruler as I took to rule -

For you are the clever, whilst I am the Fool.

But who now lives in heaven and who lives in hell?

We all know the answer, we know it full well:

They made you to measure and made you pro-test,

And by these same standards you think you know best.

But your teachers taught, they took you and lead,

The alchemist mixed you and now you are dead:

For the weight of your learning lies full in your mind:

And you speak not from above me but from the behind.

Formation, tuition: how can you win,

If these form and tuit you with out not with in?

So your life is Abaddon and so is your world,

My Aisles are Blessed, with promise unfurled:

For as you learned to tell, I took, the time -

Oh, you are all lemons, whilst I am sublime.”

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