(A Play on Words)


"Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

Tell me now and tell me all:

Tell me what I need to know,

Tell me what I need to grow.

Tell me what I need to see;

Tell me what I need to be.

Mirror spoke without a word -

Golden silence, clearly heard;

"Follow the hart within the woulds

And dwell upon the coulds and shoulds;

Clime each steppe to distant tracts,

Reclaim the fiction not the facts;

Untie the knots from can and will -

Untill and till grounding until

I speak again, 'You may be still.'

Though needle prick, pine knot, leaf be,

Bough not beneath the greenery,

For Nature's wait is mastery.

In thyme, sweet peas and sage you'll see

All that you have asked of me:

Your questions are not found in glass

But in the growing of the grass.

The answers that you seek of I,

Are in the winds and cloud and sky.

In air, in water, tree and earth,

Is the mystery of birth;

In Nature's nature of her giving,

Is the secret of the living;

To mingle with her heart and breath,

Will take the fear from mortal death.

To perceive with new perception,

Is miraculous conception;

And in the seed of such perfection,

Will cede the need for your reflection.

The mirror isn't on the wall,

It lives within the heart of all:

One only needs to look to know,

One only needs to look to grow.

One only needs to look to be -

One only needs to look to see.”


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