© J.A. Storey -Taylor 1988

Leaves falling

Tiger's eye and amber,

Rubied by nature,

To strew a treasure trove upon the ground.

And I, with hidden silent tears,

Bid farewell to Summer gladly.

Goodbyes to fond attachment

Are never easy.

But as the wind blows -

Shaking loose superfluosity

In preparation for renewed cycle -

So am I lifted to ride the crest anew.

The thrill,

To stand lean, clean and strong:

To bow and bend

Or be still.

At one with the elements,

I grow and rest

Become and release

To internal, timeless seasons.

Looking for fairytale beginnings,

Learning to trust

And finding Love.

Peace, joy,

For weary heart,

By knowing this is where I belong.

A place to call home,

To carry within,

Whilst travelling.

Each step

Test and testimony

Of faith and truth;

Labour without toil,

Aloneness with no loneliness.

How am I viewed

In the eyes of the world?

I am seen, but not approached -

Except by few who know no different.

Of those,

Do they see a light within,

To shine and guide;

To bring comfort to a life of shadows?

If those we meet are our mirrors -

Do I reflect with clarity

Or with distorted imagery?

Sad souls, lost souls,

Souls with fear and pain and struggle;

Yet all I have to bring is

A gentle smile,

A kind word,

A moment of time.

Each often hiding struggle of my own,

To find the rightness in the things I do,

The things I say;

Or covering impatience at my own ineptitude

And the frustration of attaching yet another

Living story of trapped sorrow.

How have I answers for them -

When I still seek answers for myself?

Yet to those of greater awareness,

Success, security -

I remain anonymous.





An angel

Come to earth

To observe?

I seemingly float

Through life and lives,

With tarnished wings

And slipped halo

Of flesh and blood

And beating heart.


But not part of.


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