© J.A. Storey -Taylor 1988

I am weak

As I am human.

Bound by physical frailty and mortal imperfections.

But I do not wish to achieve

Perfection -

For it is our very fallibility

Which makes mankind

Precious, beautiful -

And gives us hope.

If there were no scars,

No fears, no pain,

No threats of darkness

Or shadowed traits -

There could be no learning.

And we would grow old,

Stagnant, stilted,

Closed by our own ignorance.

Now, there are many blind,

Many are blinkered;

But there are some who choose to see,

And in the seeing is the future.

There are many deaf,

Many do not choose to hear;

But there are some who listen,

And in the hearing

Comes the answers.

If they may bring change

To this,

Our world,

Then let it be.

If there is purpose:

Let there be will

To seek the purpose;

Let there be enlightenment

To recognize that purpose;

Let there be wisdom

To accept that purpose;

Let there be courage

To act on that purpose -

To see purpose through

To purpose's end.

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