Friends and Associates

The Godfather, Geoff Freed: LINK

Geoff's host site:  LINK

The Fairy Godmother, Joyce Rennolds: LINK

Athena - With thanks because without her there would never have been a website! : LINK

Jules' friend, Helen - A very funny woman who takes beautiful photographs : LINK

Potsy - An Italian friend with fingers in many creative pies (in Italian and English) : LINK

Just one of the projects of Jules' 'Baby Brother':

An insight into the music and poetry of Mary Wheelan: LINK

My nephew - Jimmy Justice Millar - an up and coming cage fighter: LINK

Contact - Thoughts Above Clouds

Charities promoted by Thoughts Above Clouds

Disasters Emergency Committee

Providing fast and effective aid for global disasters and emergencies

International Peace Institute

Promoting the prevention and settlement of conflict


They 'Believe in Children'


A British charity for abused women and children

You Tube: Channels

Cerrino’s Channel

Uploads of some poems for Libya - 2011

Justicetime TV

Jimmy’s bid to get to Warrior Island in 2013 for ABC TV USA - Vote for him

Sites of Interest

Toastmasters International

Promotes public speaking

Poets United

Poets who blog