Jules describes Julianna and the Unicorn as representing ‘The Inner Journey’ – exploring and developing oneself and finding balance in conflict and confusion. Seven Stars for Seven Suns is what she calls ‘The Joining’, where people of different beliefs coming together and working in harmony serves a positive purpose. She defines Love’ Lies Woven – Weft and Warped as ‘The Unravelling’. It’s a reminder that self-examination, correction and rebalancing must be a fairly continuous process.

It is a ‘Truth Seeker’ trilogy and as my wife maintains, “Truth is hard-sought and fought for, not handed to us on a plate; and what is one person’s truth is not another’s, because the mental and emotional needs behind the questions that would be asked are unique to the one seeking answers.”

‘The Julianna Trilogy’ could appeal to lovers of fantasy books. Jules refers to them as Lord of the Rings meeting Gulliver’s Travels. She wouldn’t care if they were read as ‘just stories’! Interestingly, it seems that the trilogy could be attractive to a third group of people who aren’t big readers, or readers of either the above. This is creative people: musicians, artists and other writers. Maybe they hear and relate to what Jules was doing when she wrote it – exploring herself to find something beautiful and meaningful to express.

‘Julianna’ is an Archer. She has a bow made of yew and her quiver contains seven arrows made of gold. These were left mysteriously on her crib when she was a baby. To her these arrows were somehow ‘arrows of life not death’ and when she reluctantly went out to hunt with them – as was expected of her – she had learned that she didn’t need to hunt. They had a magic about them. She could just shoot one and where it fell would be a healthy and edible animal dead from an accident or natural causes.

In the present, ‘Julianna’ has nothing. She has no belongings other than her bow and quiver. She has nothing to lose. She has nothing to gain. Why not put her trust in her beliefs and ‘birth-arrows’ and see where they lead? She finds this to be to walk in the company of the perfection of a Unicorn and a schizophrenic Lion!

When Seven Stars for Seven Suns begins ‘Julianna’ has no arrows and no bow. She lives in happy isolation learning to perfect the art of ‘dream-weaving’, which is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of the Lion and the Unicorn, and disrupted by the appearance of her ex-lover. She is to be the arm to his bow, to his ‘truths’.

In Love’s Lies Woven – Weft and Warped ‘Julianna’ again finds herself walking abroad - travelling, searching for a ‘King’s Ransom’ to buy the release of her husband. Although joined and supported by some ‘old friends’ – including the Lion and the Unicorn – her sadness and increasing self-pity begin to drive them away and she finds herself alone. She’s taken herself in a downward, concentric and negative cycle. It’s only when she realises this and begins to reverse her journey that the ‘magicks’ that she loves begin to happen again.

I won’t apologise for doing here what Jules has done herself - giving almost nothing away about the storylines or many of the characters of her manuscripts. When first reading them I’d often say or ask about ‘this or ‘that’ happening. Her answer was inevitably, “Maybe, maybe not.” Frustrating though it was it was fun. She didn’t take away the surprises. To do that would have been like putting unwrapped presents under a Christmas tree.

I’m happy to give a few ‘spoilers’ though. In no definitive order, ‘Julianna’s’ travels lead to ‘Closedore’ (built on the ruins of ‘Onmywick’), the Scourge of the Kourbash and the shambles of ‘Ifidanown’. Her words take the reader to the inhabitants of De Haaf and De Haaf Knott, subject to the 7/84 Theory as law, and bring them to meet Kulter, Kampf, a dead horse and their Statements of Irresponsibility.

I’m even happier that through Thoughts Above Clouds I’m able to share a part of my favourite bits in each manuscript with others.