© J.A. Storey -Taylor 2011

I have no heart,

New Libya.

It was ripped from me

On the day

You took your destiny

Into your own hands.

I have no body,

New Libya.

It lays in the grave

Of the first

Of your fallen.

I have no blood,

New Libya.

It has been drained

From the wounds of your freedom fighters, and

The victims of your rape and sodomy.

I have no mind,

New Libya.

It has been lost

In the senselessness

Of the need to fight in the mountains,

Between that of the Green and

Those of the West.

I have no soul,

New Libya.

It was taken from sentience

By a madman,

Who consorts with a devil

Not of God’s creation.

I have no heart,

No body,

No blood,

No mind,

No soul;

For each and all

Are with you,

Stolen -

Yet complicit -

Given fully and freely and

In the faith that I,

One day,

Will be healed and whole again:

When the day comes

That your Freedom arrives.

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I Have No Heart New Libya.wmv