© J.A. Storey -Taylor 2011

I am timeless.

I have no age.

I am an ancient;

I am a child.

My skin, aged and wizened, is seared, and

That youthful and tender is sore;

Both faces bear traces of the gibli.

I have no gender.

I have neither robe nor hijab to mask me.

I am man;

I am woman.

My shapeless form is mother and uncle and stranger.

I come from the sands, will return to the sands and,

Like the sands, I shift and change with the winds.

I have no learning.

I have all learning.

I am el sarab;

I am of perception.

My education is of schooling and university.

It is wise in the ways of a poor desert village.

They, each, are a gift from the stars that inspired our poets.

I have no status.

I have no title.

I am a Manager;

I am unemployed.

A father is one father amongst many fathers.

The olive tree is heedless of the hand that prunes, and

Summer droughts makes equal of us all.

I have only an aged rifle.

I have only a voice and presence.

I protest and confront.

I provoke to protect.

My heart sings the Shahada of Oneness, even though the words

Are broken by gunfire and the sight of death, for

Allahu Akbar; yet one man presumes to be greater.

I am Muslim.

I am Arab.

I am rebel.

I am proud.

I am a spirit found in courage for freedom

Born in unity where there is diversity

And I will fight to bring unity to where is now separation.

I am not Libyan.

I am the heart of New Libya.

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