© J.A. Storey -Taylor 1988

Mounting the Windhorse

To cross the Seas of Dissonance,

Gentle outlook stepping course

To Eden’s nascent pleasance:

Where dwells gracious Unicorn

In seraphic contemplation,

Spiralled sceptre nobly borne

As holy coruscation.

Whilst by majestic waterfall

Emperor, uncrowned, unknown,

Awaits softened footfall

And humble, mossed throne.

Mountains vestured jade.

Airs, redolent of earth and resin,

Where cyclic birth gives masquerade

To paper serpent’s venin.

Rainbow shimmering in hand,

Willow woven into tresses

For starlight’s lambent garland,

As sun’s spun gold effloresces.

Beyond, to silvered misty islet,

Rock foundation to the proem,

As seventh heaven forms perfect circle,

Life’s truth and beauty is the poem.

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