© J.A. Storey -Taylor 1988

We are all children

In the light of the world,

And cannot help but falter

In the first few steps we take.

But with help,

We each can learn

To grow, to be.

What we can hold within our hand

Is of no import.

It is with whom we share

That makes life precious.

And, here, within the House of Love

We have been brought together.

Each moment cannot

Be filled with harmony,

For we wear no halo

And our fate dictates

We tread the ground with other mortals.

But we can free our minds towards the sun,

And open hearts to beauty, truth and trust,

By looking deep within ourselves.

It is in the soul

Life's answers lie.

Often we are scared to look

For fear of pain

And dark shadows

Which hide and threaten self.

But we are not alone.

There is a hand to reach for -

And in the reaching,

In the touching,

There is strength

To look and look again.

So a blessing

On the House of Love.

Good fortune, good wine,

Good friends, good life.

To friendship -

May it always be.

For together we cannot fail.

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