© J.A. Storey -Taylor 2011

‘Tis you, has burned the Earth,

With your planes and your armaments,

You silly, silly child.

Don’t you know?

Don’t you realise or comprehend that your ‘Greatness’ is so small and insignificant?

You are a Liar, a Thief and a Murderer of Many – and

In your stupidity,

Your arrogance,

Your greed,

Your corruption,

You have come to burn the Earth and

The children of Adam.

Iblis is a saint to your hubris.

Iblis was merely Iblis

Till his heart became Shaytan.

What whispers now in your ear,

To your conscience that has conscience no longer?

You have burned the Earth, and

Believe you ‘Win’.

You conceive you draw lines in the sand,

Where East is east and West is west,

And West is best and stronger and

East grows ever closer.

Foolish child!

That thought drawn is of more than illusion.

It is of delusion,

For the lines are not of sand but smoke and

Behind the smoke is that to be feared.

Have you not heard of smoke and mirrors?

Where the vanity of the one

Is incapable of seeing other than beauty and that which is good.

A clear eye, a pure heart, would perceive the untruth

Behind the airs in your image

Distorted by a pollution and haze of your making.

Iblis refused to prostrate before Adam and

So was punished for that in the Wrath of God.

What then for you?

You, who not only has not bowed, but

Has also put Adam’s children to the furnace.

A furnace come from your planes, your armaments,

As you have burned the Earth.

Again: what then for you?

You who have shown such contempt for those of clay, and

Have dared to make of the clay terracotta.

Do you conceive that God has not noticed?

Or having seen has turned a blind eye?

Today, tomorrow or, maybe, in months or years to come

You will know His Anger

At you striking so brutally to His Heart.

What you perceive as brittle and broken,

These terracotta warriors fashioned in your furnace,

Are come hardened and durable and

They do not stand alone.

You have burned the Earth and

In the burning you have scorched the wind.

Beware the Fires of that Scorching Wind:

You have roused the attention of the righteous jinn and

They have come.

Beside, behind, each son of Adam,

Each mother of each son,

Is many a Smokeless Flame,

For you have woken the jinn of the forefathers

To join those of their lives.

They have come through love and empathy.

Their loyalty isn’t bought –

Unlike yours, and

Where Man and Jinn are united in basic goodness,

Is born a strength and courage

Beyond your imagination.

Do not underestimate that challenging you.

What you see as cowards retreating,

As a cause being crushed,

Does not affirm your might and right.

With every eastward step,

With every gun fired and bomb loosened,

Is reaffirmed your cowardly heart,

The poverty of your soul;

While this terracotta army of your creation and

The friendship of the Flames that shimmer amongst them

Grow rich in courage and dignity,

In the virtuosity of their just cause.

It is haiif you win,

For you lose.

It is God is Great and is made yet greater still

As each of the fallen return to Him and

They gift to Him their good and right.

The scrolls of the scribes of the Angels

Shine golden as they grow ever longer

With deeds of worthiness.

Don’t forget:

The Angels are sentient, too,

So it would be wise to not enrage them,

Bring them to become partisan:

When it is not you they would join but

Man of honour and jinni of goodness.

Yet why would you remember?

From where would you recover wisdom?

When you have not recalled that

It is a stupid boy plays carelessly with fire.

You have burned the Earth,

Razed the clay and scorched the air.

You will reap what you sow:

You will know barzak in your lifetime and

When you are dead,

Come Judgement Day,

Not even Hell will hold a place for you.

God sees All and

Has a long memory.

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