Brief Synopsis

Emulating Hemingway is based on the premise of ‘What You See Is NOT What You Get.’ What I love about my wife’s writing is the feeling I get of seeing through someone else’s eyes. I get to walk in someone else’s shoes.

‘Dan Halliwell’ is publicly known as a womanising drunk who occasionally is seen to throw a punch – unprovoked and for no apparent reason. His reputation is poor and he doesn’t give a damn. Despite his behaviour his apparent wealth and long-standing in his local affluent town means he is often invited to certain events. His behaviour also often means he’s specifically invited. It’s a useful measure for self-righteousness and a great source for gossip. He’s the favourite point of gossip at all times anyway because after thirty years in the community nobody knows a thing about him – other than that he lives with two beautiful but very different women. Shades of Hugh Heffner.

To the few people who are close to ‘Dan’ – and a number of others who have passed through his life – he is a man worthy of immense respect, love and loyalty. They know the saint behind the sinner. He’s an unusual man with some unusual gifts that he has used throughout his adult life to heal broken people. To begin with this was as a psychiatrist until changes in him saw him change his healing methods to ‘anything goes’. He is known to an elite ‘Secret Squirrel Club’ as ‘The Maverick’.

Those same changes in him saw changes in his life, in learning to be intimate with others. Apart from ‘’Arry’, his childhood friend, he’d always been a loner. As a victim of severe abuse from both his parents as a child, before going on to become a ‘Barnardo’s Boy’, he’d become insular and only ‘’Arry’ could reach through that.

‘Hemingway’ meanders through the life of ‘Dan’ during a day in the life of ‘Dan’, through his thoughts and feelings and memories.