© J.A. Storey -Taylor 1988

Take not that which is not ours

For we would break the contract

Between the Moon and the Sun.

How glorious does the day begin.

Heralding the awakening of renewed cycle

In rays of reds and golds.

So, too, does it die.

And how we worship

Unto him, The Lion-God,

The Sun.

We seek and cannot help but praise him

And curse him when he hides his face,

Veiled by clouds.

Yet what of the


Who shines,

Ever gentle,

Upon us?

Her clear, pure,

Ethereal light

That watches and protects us.

It is she who

Guards us as we dream,

Yet we forget her upon

The opening of our eyes.

We close our hearts,

Our minds,

To the necessary

Rest and restoration

Of our sleep.

We leave behind

The beauty and the peace

Of our rebuilding;

And forget

The truth of the reality

We found there.

We awaken

To be blinded

By the Lion-Sun:

Whom we cannot bear to look upon

Too closely or too long.

Yet the Moon?

We may gaze upon

Her pale, transluscent light,

With no fear

Of harm.

To paint


In our imagination

Of a face upon her.

There is no face upon the Sun.

The Moon is cool,

She cannot burn.

The Moon is close,

We may reach to touch -

But we may never

Come to ride the Sun.

They need each other,

These Gods of

Lion-Sun and Unicorn-Moon,

Of Winter-Spring and Summer-Fall,

Of Day, of Night.

Their agreement drawn

At the beginnings of time.

To give only

Unto themselves,

That which is their right.

The Sun, the reality of Wakefulness,

The Moon, the dreams of Reality.

And these, they meet

To mingle in the

Dawn and Dusk.

Yet, it is not the Lion-Sun

Who rules the Skies.

It is the Unicorn-Moon.

For it is she

And she alone,

Who may steal into the domain

Of her Brother-God.

And we,

As mortals,

Need them both.

For we cannot live

Without either.

The Day-Lion

To reap our crops;

The Night of the Unicorn

To plant them.

Seek then,

To offer unto them

The greatest gift of all,

The Highest of our Self.

And in the Golden Hours

Let those be commingled

Of Spirit and Body,

For dreams to become the reality,

For the reality to become better than dreams.

But take not that which is not ours,

For we would break the contract

Between the Moon and the Sun.

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